Cognitive Behavioral Based Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has become the leading treatment for anxiety for kids, teens, college students and Adults. There is a high prevalence of anxiety disorders (18% of adults in the United States over a 1-year period), and CBT has proven valuable help according to Research. Combined with Mindfulness,  Journaling, and Relaxation, important strides can be made toward adapting to situations and managing daily issues effectively.

Dr. Carla Natalucci has innovative, comprehensive & empathetic treatments.


Dr. Stan Hertz


"Dr.Carla Natalucci is an amazing person with a big heart and a vast knowledge of mental health and it’s sequelae. She has skillfully helped many families effectively deal and overcome variety of mental health issues. We have collaborated together on many cases and share many interesting moments. I greatly appreciate her amazing and caring approach to diagnosing and treatment."


Dr. Boris Khaimov, MD


"Dr. Natalucci-Hall is an exceptional psychologist with years of experience. Her dedication to helping clients in need is unsurpassed. Her expertise in the area of ADHD has led her to develop unique treatment approaches to address the needs of so many. Her professionalism is outstanding. I am glad that she is on Long Island and available as a trusted resource for referral."

Peter Kanaris, Ph.D.
Psychologist, AASECT
Diplomate & Fellow of NYSPA

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