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Anxiety is painful! It can change what you think, feel, see and how you act in life. Relationships, social events, school, testing, work or sports can be so hard to be in. Working together, skills, and strategies can be learned and help to manage anxiety differently.

Using Mindfulness, Cognitive Based Therapy, EMDR, and Positive Psychology to Help Others!



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What do clients from on the web have to say  about working with Dr. Natalucci?

As seen on vitals.com: 

"After 6 months of fears and anxiety to new situations my child's pediatrician recommended a visit to Dr. Natalucci. After meeting with her, our child looked forward to each Saturday with a lot of enthusiasm. It was a weekly group meeting where she was asked to use a sandbox with various objects/toys of her choice to start a story. She simply loved this.  After months we noticed significant changes in our child. Her doctor/dentist visits no longer included the anxiety and crying episodes they previously did. At school she begin taking challenges such as oral presentations and apointing herself as the leader of her gifted and talented group activities. Her confidence and assertiveness were getting stronger and her decision to participate in musicals and piano recitals were positive."

As seen on ratemds.com:


"Smart. Honest. Helpful. Mindful. Would highly recommend."

"I have had a hard time finding a psychologist that not only took my insurance but that I also felt comfortable with and finally found one with Dr. Natalucci. I have been seeing her for about 4 month and have noticed huge changes in myself and am extremely happy with her!"


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